I maintain a number of open-source projects. Most of these I started out of some personal need or interest. I strive to keep all of them up to date and maintained, so if you notice an issue with one of them, please open an issue on the project's issue tracker.


Gerbolyze is a tool that allows the modification of Gerber PCB artwork with a vector graphics editor like Inkscape. Gerbolyze directly converts between SVG and Gerber, and accurately reproduces details that other tools can not.

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Gerbonara is a user-friendly, powerful tool for reading, writing, modification and rendering of Gerber PCB artwork from the command line or from Python code. Gerbonara supports the Gerber dialects of all industry-standard EDA tools.

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lolcat-c is a small, high-performance re-implementation of the lolcat rainbow cat utility. lolcat-c is meant as a lolcat that you can actually use in production. It is fast, not slowing down whatever you pipe through it, and it robustly handles real-world terminal output including escape sequences.

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python-mpv is a small, ctypes-based Python library wrapping the libmpv media player library. Despite its small size and simple API, python-mpv allows advanced control over libmpv and beyond simple remote control of mpv can be used to embed mpv in OpenGL, Qt, and GTK-based Python applications.

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svg-flatten is a command-line utility that performs vector occlusion and clipping on SVG files, producing a flattened SVG file without overlapping elements, without changing what the file looks like. svg-flatten is used as a part of gerbolyze.

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wsdiff is a command-line utility that produces self-contained, syntax-highlighted, HTML-formatted diffs that support both unified and side-by-side diffs from a single source file using nothing but CSS magic.

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